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About us

Compound Prescriptions are custom preparations made specifically for your needs, based upon the prescriber’s specifications.  A prescription is required for compounding and usually take longer to prepare than regular prescription medicines, since the ingredients must be measured, weighed and mixed.  These medicines are not currently commercially available, so they are “tailor made” by a compounding pharmacist.  Examples of compound prescriptions may be hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women who are having symptoms of hormone imbalance, testosterone hormone creams for men or women, pain creams for neuropathic pain management,  rectal creams for anal fissures, wart treatments, or liquids for children who cannot swallow pills (when the manufacturer does not make the medicine in liquid form). 

        The examples of compounded medications are too vast to list, but many different forms can be made, combining several different ingredients into one product if necessary. The beauty of compounding is that there is no limit to what can be made! 

  compounding prescriptions  Our pharmacy dispenses prescription medicines by Registered Pharmacists according to all federal and New York State laws.  We handle most insurances as well such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Univera, Independent Health, Medicaid, Medicare, NY EPIC, Tricare, Empire, ExpressScripts, & Medco to name a few.  We carry most medicines that your prescriber will recommend, but if you should need a specific medicine that is not in stock, we can get it into the store by noon the next business day!

      We pride ourselves in fast, yet efficient service.  Normally, we take between 5-10 minutes to fill your prescription so there is NO LONG WAIT!  (Unlike the large chain stores, we do not tell you to come back in 45 minutes so you will “shop around” and find more merchandise to buy!)  We realize your time is valuable.  We fax and phone doctors for your refills and check for drug interactions each time your prescription is filled.

      In our small setting, we are very accessible to you, the customer.  We counsel each and every patient in regards to the medicine, it’s intended effects, it’s possible side effects and how it should be taken.  We know our customers by name!  You are greeted warmly upon entering our store, and treat you as our friends not just customers. 

      We have added services to further accommodate the needs of our patients, such as, compounding of prescriptions, giving immunizations, and handling items such as wrist braces, canes, crutches, etc.  We do not simply carry these items, we measure and fit them to you!  If we do not have the specific item you require, it will be special ordered for next-day delivery. Going away for an extended stay on vacation or the winter? We will gladly mail your prescriptions to you. 

Our message for you is this: though we may be small in size, we are very big on service and we would be very pleased to gain your family as our valued customers